Training Day

But not the movie.

This morning and early afternoon was spent training our facilitators (Robert and Armel), which basically consisted of reading and talking about the curriculum. In French. So after only 6 hours of work, I’m pretty much exhausted.

Fortunately, Robert and Armel are very sharp and will undoubtedly be incredible next week. They immediately took to our leadership philosophy and the training did not take nearly as long as I expected. Obviously, we’ll be calling audibles all next week, but it’s encouraging to know that to this point, everything has gone according to plan or better.

A quick anecdote to illustrate how engrossed our facilitators are in the leadership development philosophy: The manager of the facility asked if I thought we should change the menu here so that dinners are better suited for the Congolese participants (dinner usually consists of American food). I consulted with Robert and Armel and they looked at me like I was crazy. In Armel’s words, “Our students are the future leaders of the Congo… shouldn’t they be able to handle some unfamiliar food?” Touche.

In other news, I had a warm shower this morning – a first for me in Kinshasa. The food here is better than adequate. I almost wish I wasn’t working… this could actually be considered enjoyable.


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