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The Lord’s Resistance Army and Obama’s plan to stop them

Interesting story today about President Barack Obama’s recent plan to help the deteriorating situation in Congo. The Lord’s Resistance Army is a group based in Uganda that is currently considered to be a terrorist organization by the United States government. … Continue reading

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Friends of the Congo

Congo Leadership Initiative would not be able to carry out its mission without help from numerous partner organizations, and one of the organizations that has supported CLI from the beginning is Friends of the Congo. FOTC’s mission is to raise … Continue reading

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A look inside the LDP: Socially- Responsible Leadership

This is the first post (of many) in which we’re going to take you “inside” the Leadership Development Program. Obviously, the LDP is at the core of what we do as an organization, and we’re proud of the innovative model … Continue reading

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Congo’s Leadership Problem

In the news today, a former Vice President (Jean-Pierre Bemba) of the Congo is on trial at the Hague for very serious war crime allegations including attacks on civilians and rape. Regardless of whether Bemba is actually guilty – he … Continue reading

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The Enormity of the Problem

If you open a newspaper any day, there’s a fairly decent chance you’ll stumble across a small article on the deteriorating situation in the Congo. This leads to some important questions to those working on development in the DRC: What are … Continue reading

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CLI Builds its Leadership Team

CLI is proud to announce the additions of Martin Wilson to the Board of Directors and Melanie Baevsky to the leadership team as an Advisor. Martin currently works as a Performance Auditor for the City of San Diego, California and … Continue reading

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