Voter Registration in Congo

An interesting blog post from Wednesday highlights a familiar American problem currently prevalent in the Congo: low voter registration. Jason Stearns (whose book you should certainly preorder) focuses in particular on the low turnout in the capital of Kinshasa, where CLI works. The post expresses concern that Congo is not on track to register its voters in time for this year’s election with only ten months to go before polling begins. Obviously, this would be a huge blow to a nation working diligently to realize its democratic ambitions.

At CLI, we are monitoring the situation with Congo’s election very closely. Obviously, we hope that the nation will continue its progress towards meritocracy and democracy, and we see our Leadership Development Program as a critical component of this effort.

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2 Responses to Voter Registration in Congo

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    It is more important to know that as congolese who are patriotic and curious with the DRC current situation, we have to fight ourselves in order to improve the windo of Democracy in our country, through Democratic election process because no man can set us free without being transformed throuph training which will change our mind towards state authority. In short “Freedom does not occur in the state of location but in the state of spirit” (Dr. Myles).

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