What do the students have to say?

We’re glad you asked!

Translations can be found below the videos.

Leadership is very important here in Congo just as it is throughout the world. In Congo, people have a tendency to complain about problems, but it’s more important to find ways to develop our country by working with others.

This program is useful because it gives you real opportunities to practice necessary skills like listening to other’s ideas, working together, and finding creative ways to develop our nation.

The program is very important to me and I thank you for your support!

My name is Grace Mukundi and I am a student at I.P.I. Mpiko where I study Electrical Engineering.

I appreciate CLI because CLI helps us learn how to work with others. It’s truly a useful program for us young people to learn how to help our country evolve. I consider CLI to be a true key to our growth.

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