CLI’s 2010 Scholars: Where are they now?

After reading the report from Robert, Samy, and Armel on the ground, we are more encouraged than ever by the progress of CLI’s leaders in Kinshasa! Students’ performances during the first meeting were exemplary, and we are pleased to announce that the following four students will receive scholarship support from CLI for the upcoming school year:

NTUMBA BULALU (Michel) – Université de Kinshasa (Psychology) 

MBUYI TSHIMANGA (Stephie) – Université de Kinshasa (Psychology) 

BADIBANGA LUFULUABO (Serge) – Université Protestante du Congo (Economics) 

KUNANGIDI MUTOMBO (Joelie) – Ecole Supérieur des Métiers de l’Informatique et de la Communication (Computer Science)

Four additional CLI scholars will be attending universities throughout Kinshasa in a variety of fields and attended the first meeting last month. Expect more information about our scholars coming up! We are so proud of what CLI’s scholars have accomplished already and look forward to their continued contributions.

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