Will the Generational Gap Affect Election Results?

Tensions are growing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the presidential race becomes more volatile. According to Reuters there have been 188 documented cases of election-related violence in the past year. And more is expected in the next few weeks before and after the presidential and parliamentary elections. We see where the media stands on the presidential race, but who are the Congolese supporting?

Here are two viewpoints:

The perspective of a lawyer

The perspective from a survey of 500 young adults

Both are great articles and give an insight into the elections from those who will be most affected by it. Though most are expecting Kabila to win, a good number of young adults are supporting opposition leaders Tshisekedi and Kamerhe. It does need to be taken into account though that support for a candidate can be gained by the wrong reasons (e.g. T-shirt giveaways) sometimes. Will the votes of the youth be substantial enough to sway the outcome? Regardless of who wins the final vote it is time for change and progression in the DRC. Who do you think should lead the Congolese into the future?

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