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Congo Suspends Text Messaging

Text messaging on cell phones has been suspended since early December, and multiple television and radio stations have been disconnected or banned from being transmitted. Where is the transparency in this? The government claims that it wants to better the … Continue reading

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Give the Gift of Leadership!

Christmas is quickly approaching and Hanukkah is already underway, so for all those last-minute gift shoppers consider a unique gift: giving a Congolese student the gift of leadership. The Congo Leadership Initiative is solely funded by donations, and with these … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Declares Kabila Winner

The DRC’s Supreme Court has declared incumbent President Joseph Kabila the winner of the elections. Since the result was originally announced there have been claims of fraud and a lack of transparency by the Congolese, the Congolese diaspora, and leaders … Continue reading

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Congo: A Picture Story

BBC News published an article this morning questioning the election results in the DRC. While the turmoil continues and the polls become less and less credible it is good to remember why we at CLI see the potential the DRC … Continue reading

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Fundraising Success!

One of our great board members, Amanda Kielich held a fundraiser the past weekend. Here’s her update! “This past Sunday in Orchard Park we completed the International Artisan Fair fundraiser. It was a great combination of a dedicated Orchard Park Presbyterian Church … Continue reading

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Kabila Declared Election Winner By CENI

President Joseph Kabila has been declared the winner of the presidential election in the Democratic of the Congo with 49% of the vote. President Kabila has held that title since his father’s assassination in 2001 and will continue to for … Continue reading

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Election Update: Presidential Results Will Be Announced Soon

As early as today the Democratic Republic of the Congo could announce the results of their presidential election. The race came down to current President Kabila and opposition leader Tshisekedi being the real contenders. While it is expected that Kabila … Continue reading

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Congo’s Elections: A Commentary

Here are some reflections of CLI’s Founder and CEO Nathaniel Houghton on Congo’s elections: For the first time since CLI was founded, Congo is holding elections. For any organization working in the DRC, this is obviously big news – bigger … Continue reading

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Cornell Alternative Gift Fair

For all the Cornellians and supporters out in Ithaca, stop by the Cornell Alternative Gift fair today between 10 am and 3 pm at the Willard Straight Art Gallery. CLI and many other nonprofits will be there, and every gift … Continue reading

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