Fundraising Success!


One of our great board members, Amanda Kielich held a fundraiser the past weekend. Here’s her update!

“This past Sunday in Orchard Park we completed the International Artisan Fair fundraiser. It was a great combination of a dedicated Orchard Park Presbyterian Church member’s skill, Linda Babcock’s openness to having the youth at the church involved in this CLI initiative and my creative spirit!  First, Jim Wilson from Orchard Park Presbyterian Church congregation graciously provided the body of the birdhouses and built them. Then I gathered the youth together for a couple rounds of painting and decorating – over 20 youth and a couple of adults makes us think we should have sold them for $75 – by the time they were completed. The youth  really came up with some great themes to decorate–they found pieces of an old piano, and made a piano themed birdhouse, for example. And, of course, there were more traditional ones too.  I gave a presentation to the Senior Highs about CLI during the process and I think that made them put a lot  more love into the project. So when they received their final weather-proofing coat, we brought them to the International Artisan Fair on December 3 and 4 where we sold them for prices based on size and intricacy, ranging from $10 to $30. The youth continued to be involved in the sale process, and that encouraged the congregation to purchase even more. We had 5 of 29 birdhouses left after the Artisan Fair and we made a total of $481.25. On top of that, there will be two more birdhouses sold this week to people who couldn’t be at the Fair. So, after that, we should have  $500!  I’d say it was a success; especially because it was “youth working for youth” during this project. The fact that the kids understood they were helping peers on the other side of the world, made them really focus on creating a great product! I cannot wait to do more too, it’s only the beginning.”

Awesome job Amanda! And thank you to everyone who has supported CLI in our efforts to empower the Congolese youth. Want to get involved, either through donations of volunteering? Check out our Invest section here


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