Celebrate the World Day of Social Justice with CLI!

CLI scholars all learn that leadership is not a solitary task. We know this from experience: without the help of our supporters, CLI would never have accomplished so much in 2011!

With that in mind, it is important to remember that today is the World Day of Social Justice. As we reflect on our accomplishments over the past year, we hope that you will join us not only in recognizing the great gains that have been made in social justice around the world in recent years, but in ensuring that this progress can continue – even in places like the Congo.

We also want to recognize those who have helped us get to where we are: look for your name on the Honor Roll below! We are on pace for record-breaking fundraising this fiscal year, but we still need your help. Do not hesitate to reach out to see how you can contribute to social justice in the world today!

Honor Roll

Amy Jin

Andy James

Carolyn Witte

Charles Temple IV

Claire Houghton

Danielle Knighten

Dick Young

Gabe Wapner

Glenda Wait


Jan Sullivan

Jason Lustig

Kathy Houghton

Kit Dobyns

Linda Babcock

Matt Cercone 

Michelle Ayers

Monica Patino

Nicole Borunda

Nicole Ihasz

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church

Phi Kappa Tau – Alpha Tau Chapter

Rob Morrissey

Sara Glick

Todd Kirschen

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