Heal Africa

Another awesome organization that has done tangible work in the Congo is Heal Africa. Heal Africa has 31 safe houses across Congo that assist and support women who are victims of oppression, rape, and violence. Since eastern Congo is increasingly dangerous, there is a need for organizations such as this that can help victims of war crimes. Heal Africa provides medical care (including fistula surgery), counseling, and a safe place to report rape and recover. 

Our Deputy Director, Emily Ballard is currently involved in a class at Syracuse University about Genocide in the Humanities. As an effort to put to work and help all those they are learning about, her class has made it a goal to raise $2000 for Heal Africa. CLI supports this effort, and is doing a dual fundraiser at Syracuse with Heal Africa to support the Congolese as well as raise awareness about the situation and atrocities happening in the Congo. 

Interested in having your donation split between CLI and Heal Africa? contact emily.ballard@congoleaders.org 

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