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Shop With Us on Karmawell!

CLI has recently gone through an exciting deal to make it easier for you, our supporters, to give back to this cause you care about! CLI is now with Karmawell, an organization that will donate a percentage of what you … Continue reading

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Is it a Security Problem?

Voice of America published a great article regarding their opinion on the Congolese Security Sector earlier this week. Ben Afleck’s Eastern Congo Intiative called for reforms in the security sector due to a “lack of political will.” The DRC, which … Continue reading

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Kony 2012: Just Part of the Problem

With all the recent focus on Kony 2012 and the Lord’s Resistance Army, the public has been overlooking deeper and more complicated issues troubling Uganda and the DRC. While the attention brought to the region by the Kony 2012 campaign … Continue reading

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Vote For Us!

Congo Leadership Initiative has the chance to win $2500 from Jumo, a group dedicated to helping fund social change projects! This money would be invaluable in furthering CLI’s growth and outreach with leadership development for students in the Congo. Please … Continue reading

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