An update from Kinshasa

CLI’s Program Officer Jason Ricciardi is about to make his way back to the United States after a two-month trip to Kinshasa. His contributions to CLI’s programming have been undeniable, and he had the following to say about his time with CLI so far!

Jason in Kinshasa

Jason with some young friends in Kinshasa

“I have had many profound experiences with a number of different international development organizations and of course their programming methods throughout my career. Without a doubt, the CLI Leadership Accelerator introduced me to revolutionary grass-roots techniques that work. CLI has the potential for inspiring other leadership programs to do the same in particular because all participants, including myself, demonstrated an increased awareness and adaptation to a curriculum completely foreign to the environment that surrounds it. The initiative is moving towards a fine-tuning phase, and considering the organization is still only a start-up, that is pretty amazing.”

We think Jason is pretty amazing too!

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