CLI’s Empowerment Model

In the past few years there had been a lot more awareness about nonprofits and the work they are doing. But with this awareness have come criticisms; is aid really helping anyone?

The old way of running nonprofits doesn’t work any more. Organizations like She’s the First, Educate! and the Enough Project work off of models based on lasting change and sustainability.

We at Congo Leadership Initiative don’t believe in aid: we believe in empowerment. That is why this week marks the beginning of our Rethink Charity campaign, a movement to have nonprofits and individuals alike rethink where their money and time is going.

What does Rethink Charity mean? For CLI, it means supporting young leaders in the Congo to build their own successes, and be sustainable. Our empowerment model is one of the key things that set us apart from other groups. We don’t accept donations, we accept investments. We strive to teach skills that create impact, create change.

After years of working in the Congo, we have seen that is ultimately what people want. Congolese do not want to be spoon-fed then left with no lasting impact, they want to be empowered to create a difference themselves.

Will you join with us to develop the next generation of leaders?

Join us for the next few weeks by sharing your impact stories, and tweeting with #rethinkcharity

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