For Love Of Leaders

As February rolls toward an end, a taste of spring begins to fill the air. While we slowly pack up our hats, coats, and gloves, a tangible excitement grows and we start to look forward to sunnier days and warmer weather. In many cultures, spring is a symbol of growth and rebirth. It signifies all the new and exciting things to come. For all of us in the CLI community, this couldn’t ring more true.

As with any goal one undertakes, we definitely have faced our fair share of challenges, but it’s the times when our efforts bear fruit that end up truly having an impact on our community. Of course, when one has fresh fruit, it is only polite to share the sweetness with their community. So, here is some of CLI’s most recent fruit that has come to bear:

First, we have had a great deal of successful programming over the past month in Baraka, Uvira, Kinshasa, and Goma. Our young leaders are more motivated than ever and we are seeing great results from all their hard work! Check out some of the photos of our leaders below:

Secondly, we are still in the final running for the Hands Up for Social Good Award! This is a huge honor for CLI and will provide a great benefit to our young leaders if we win. But we need your help to make that happen! Make sure you vote for CLI here: The organization with the most votes wins, so share with all your friends!

In other news, we have a very exciting announcement to make for all of our sports fans out there! March Madness is approaching quickly and CLI is hosting a bracket contest where you can win up to $400! Check out the flyer below for more information or go to our website:


More information at

On a final note, CLI is scouring the globe for new young leaders who are interested in starting a CLI chapter or club in their own community (or school)! Do you think you might be one of these leaders or know someone who could be? If passion and a desire to drive social change are two characteristics that you associate with, we want to hear from you! Send us a message at to learn how you can start a CLI club or chapter at your own school today!

Until next time everyone!

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