Education Quality vs. Quantity

Quite a bit of development work in places like the Congo is focused on getting kids (especially girls) into school. This is a noble goal and education (in our opinion at least) is a key first step in a country’s development. Nevertheless, our work has always taken on a different dimension: challenging the idea that our only goal – or even our main goal – should be simply finding ways for children to become students. An unfortunate reality of school in places like the DRC is that inputs rarely equal outcomes. In other words, classes are held, but learning rarely occurs as planned. An important part of our work is filling this gap.

We salute the work of partner organizations that strive to make it possible for more children in the Congo to attend school. We are proud to complement their work by adding practical elements to the often poor schooling that these children receive. How we do this is one of the most challenging elements of what we do. Here are a couple of ways that we meet this challenge:

– Deep and thorough Training of Trainers: Every Leadership Institute trainer undergoes at least 18 hours of in-depth, hands-on instruction in addition to individual study of the curriculum.

 Rigorous and consistent reporting: CLI’s partner organizations are required to submit reports twice every month so that we can quickly identify problem areas before they affect program quality.

This way, we can all work together to ensure that Congolese youth receive an education that prepares them to be not only doctors, lawyers, and engineers, but leaders.

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