The Great Role being played by CLI and its Implementing Development partners to nurture a Generation of Socially Responsible and Entrepreneurial Young Congolese Leaders across the DRC.

By Iongwa Mashangao, CLI Partnership Manager

“A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”:

It is undeniable truth that the lack of true leadership has been for decades the root cause of multiple problems facing the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), resulting in a failure to bring sustainable peace and comprehensive development.

In attempt to address this situation since its independence, the DRC recognizes the support from a number of both continental and global development partners ranging from political, economic, cultural, social, and environmental to many other aspects of human life. Of all these partners, Congo Leadership Initiative (CLI) is a unique organization focusing since 2010 on enhancing the leadership and entrepreneurship skills of the DRC’s young population (inculcating the civic engagement attitudes, social responsibility, problem-solving, teamwork, constructive dialogue, decision making skills and the general enterprising tendencies among the Congolese youth).

Hundreds of Congolese youth are massively attending CLI Leadership Institutes every month across provinces in the country. CLI is not just content with the leadership and entrepreneurship skills acquisition, a micro-fund scheme has been put in place to enable young leaders to materialize their acquired skills into community development and prosperity impactful actions. This is the big role and difference of CLI towards addressing the root cause for a stable, democratic and prosperous DRC.

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