The Secret and values that CLI inculcates in the young Congolese entrepreneurs: Prosperity or wealth creation mindset development’s path

By Iongwa Mashangao, CLI Partnership Manager:

The habit and practices of most youth in the DRC after they work hard to earn incomes is to buy luxurious goods and for limited pleasure, hobbies related to the prevailing consumption pattern in their respective communities. For instance, many of them feel proud to buy expensive cars and build more sophisticated houses as the essential goals for spending their very hard earned incomes. This has left more people ending their late ages of life extremely poor in Congolese communities.

They tirelessly struggle to get good paying job opportunities for earning more income and think that this is the sustainable solution for their financial freedom. It is always difficult for youth in this stage of life to identify that working on just earning income or more income is a very limited and linear process. The things that they think of as assets are not assets at all; in actual fact, they are liabilities.

The experience and observation in the communities demonstrates that this mode of living leaves no fruitful legacy to the future generation. What has been observed is that most of people who followed this living pattern end up in very difficult living conditions or in abject poverty.

At CLI, Congolese youth are educated that the magic is not about earning more income; but rather it is about owning assets that generate income. Asset is clearly defined as any source of income or activity that generates money that goes into one’s pocket. And everything that does not make money or takes money from one’s pocket is not an asset but a liability.

The secret for prosperity, wealth creation or financial freedom of a person depends on the increasing number of viable and sustainable assets or sources of income he or she owns.

CLI young Congolese entrepreneurial leaders are being trained and stimulated to start creating various assets now. This is the CLI input and the only strategic way to contribute sustainably towards a stable, democratic and prosperous DRC.

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