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Beyond theories: What is CLI doing to expose its young entrepreneurial leaders to more experiential learning, and promoting role models? By Iongwa Mashangao, CLI Partnership Manager

Financing social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship requires experiential learning and skills acquisition from community based, provincial, national and international role models. CLI explores available opportunities to put in place a platform connecting Young Congolese entrepreneurial leaders (YCELs) to both local and … Continue reading

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Why is it essential to the support the sustainable development, mission and vision of CLI?

By Iongwa Mashangao, CLI Partnership Manager CLI believes in the great roles socially responsible young Congolese entrepreneurial leaders have to play in moving the DRC forward. Enhancing these young entrepreneurial and true leadership attitudes will not only increase economic opportunity, … Continue reading

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Enabling CLI Youth to think as if there is no box: How powerful are entrepreneurial skills, tendencies and attitudes in addressing critical pressing challenges for the DRC?

  By Iongwa Mashangao, CLI Partnership Manager The world over, entrepreneurs are looked as the answers to the abject poverty and unemployment challenges, creating wealth for investors, increasing tax receipts for countries, and bringing solutions to critical pressing challenges for … Continue reading

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