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Listen to our Latest Podcast

Our Program Manager in South Kivu, Washikala, recently recorded this podcast. He does an amazing job of discussing issues plaguing the Congo and highlighting nicely how together we can change the trajectory of this country. It takes a village, but … Continue reading

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The Asante (Thank You!) Campaign

This summer has been filled with exciting news and opportunities as CLI has expanded to new cities and towns across the Congo; a new site in Kinshasa, two sites in Uvira, and one site in Beni, Baraka, Bukavu and Goma. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Young Leaders’ Accomplishments

I haven’t traveled to very many places other than Congo, so I’m not sure if this is the case anywhere else, but my trips for CLI always have a strange way of allowing me to look at life in the United States … Continue reading

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Nate is Headed to Congo!

This post is by CLI Founder and President, Nate Houghton CLI supporters, Thank you for all that you have done to make our work possible over the last three years! I’m writing to let you know about my fifth trip … Continue reading

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Young Leader Projects: Esther

“The future of the DRC is in our hands.” This simple, yet powerful quote comes from CLI young leader Esther. Esther, a student passionate about making a difference in the Congo, was chosen to take part in CLI’s Leadership Accelerator … Continue reading

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Aid and the Congo

This post is by Deputy Director Emily Ballard Imagine being Congolese in the year 1960. The year that for the first time since the 1800s, the Congo is free from Belgian rule and newly named the Democratic Republic of the … Continue reading

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CLI’s Empowerment Model

In the past few years there had been a lot more awareness about nonprofits and the work they are doing. But with this awareness have come criticisms; is aid really helping anyone? The old way of running nonprofits doesn’t work … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

This post by Founder Nate Houghton discusses his decision to work on CLI full time. It was probably February or March of 2012 when I began to consider what it would be like if I was working on CLI full … Continue reading

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The first trip to Congo

This post by Founder Nate Houghton outlines his first trip to Kinshasa. The first thing to do when you’re nineteen and interested in working in the Congo is arrange a trip. The second thing to do is tell your parents … Continue reading

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An update from Kinshasa

CLI’s Program Officer Jason Ricciardi is about to make his way back to the United States after a two-month trip to Kinshasa. His contributions to CLI’s programming have been undeniable, and he had the following to say about his time … Continue reading

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