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Young Leader Projects: Esther

“The future of the DRC is in our hands.” This simple, yet powerful quote comes from CLI young leader Esther. Esther, a student passionate about making a difference in the Congo, was chosen to take part in CLI’s Leadership Accelerator … Continue reading

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Exciting News: We have partnered with IED Congo!

We at the Congo Leadership Initiative are very excited to announce that we have partnered with IED Congo, and will now have the Baraka Leadership Institute in addition to our Kinshasa Leadership Institute. IED is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that … Continue reading

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The first trip to Congo

This post by Founder Nate Houghton outlines his first trip to Kinshasa. The first thing to do when you’re nineteen and interested in working in the Congo is arrange a trip. The second thing to do is tell your parents … Continue reading

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An update from Kinshasa

CLI’s Program Officer Jason Ricciardi is about to make his way back to the United States after a two-month trip to Kinshasa. His contributions to CLI’s programming have been undeniable, and he had the following to say about his time … Continue reading

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Great News!

We are very excited to welcome Benedicte Mudombu, our first female facilitator in Kinshasa!  Benedicte has a passion for mentoring youth and promoting social and ethical values to those in her community. She studied Science Education at the University of … Continue reading

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Updates: Mission and Vision

As CLI develops and progresses, so must our vision and mission. We recently changed our mission and vision statements- check them out!  Mission statement: CLI develops the next generation of leaders to be catalysts for peace and prosperity in the Congo.  … Continue reading

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Why we work in Kinshasa

A while back, CNN ran a very in-depth piece by Michael O’Hanlon on the upcoming elections in the Congo. In all of these articles, the challenges of engaging more rural areas of Congo are addressed. CLI, consequently, is often asked … Continue reading

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Kinshasa One Two

We recently came across this incredibly interesting interview on NPR with Damon Albarn and his amazing work developing Kinshasa One Two, an album with music from the Congo. Albarn traveled to Kinshasa in order to immerse himself in Congolese music and produce a record … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

For nonprofits like CLI, the time immediately following programming is the most difficult of all. Having just seen the incredible results of our work together, it’s time to capitalize on the progress we’ve made! Expect to be updated in the … Continue reading

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Leadership Connections

One of the underrated aspects of the LDP is the connections that are made between young leaders. Often, it is this “leadership team” of friends that becomes most important as leaders advance. And if you think that high school students … Continue reading

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